People on dialysis can freely travel to Turkey. TurkeyForHealth offers high quality dialysis services all around the country.

Holiday Dialysis – Travel 

Dialysis does not mean you cannot work or travel. People on dialysis can enjoy different types of vacations. A vacation can give you a sense of freedom and adventure and also be a way to reconnect with your loved ones and friends.

Dialysis in Turkey

Turkey is gaining a reputation of providing superlative health care services including dialysis. With state-of-art clinics located all around the country, Turkey offers high classs health care and expertise to natives and international patients. Please look “Why Turkey” page for more information.

Dialysis Costs

The price of bicarbonate hemodialysis session is 189 Euro; blood analysis, food and hotel-clinic transfers included in our centers. The cost is 289 Euro when drugs (such as erythropoietin, carnitine, active-Vit-D, phosphate binding agents etc.) are included.


The payment can be made via credit/debit card, cash or bank transfer. If your insurance company or agency will be paying the invoice a payment guarantee paper must be send by the insurance company or agency before the patient starts his/her treatment.

Our Services

We aim to make your life more comfortable by syncing tourism and health care services. We can also arrange ;

  • Airport-Hotel transfers,
  • Accommodation,
  • Native speaking translators,
  • City tours with private veichle and guide,


We would love to assist you on every steps of your travel including visa process, travel destinations, flight tickets, hotels etc. Please "contact us" for more information or reservation.



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